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Varne Folkboat

Varne Marine was based on the picturesque River Blackwater in Essex (for the history page, click here).

In 1977, following an agreement with the Folkboat Association of Great Britain, Varne Marine announced, club magazine 'Lightship' of July 1977, that 'Varne Folkboats Ltd' would produce the approved GRP version

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Varne Lightship

Varne Folkboat Announcement

Alan Hill designed the coachroof of the Varne Folkboat for "Varne Folkboat Limited".

Dennis Byatt (now an honorary member) recalls: "An agreement with the Folkboat Association led to the production of a fibre-glass version which was also shown at Southampton. We exhibited at local boat shows, took part in the "One of a Kind" event and exhibited at the Southampton Boat Show. A significant number of early customers were from Scandinavia and Holland. The demise of the company was the three day week and the exchange rate which devastated sales and the firm was wound up. The moulds were sold but I'm not sure of the details."

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Varne Folkboat Gallery

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Varne Folkboat at the 1977 Southampton Boatshow
The image, from Dennis Byatt, shows
Mabel Byatt in a Varne Folkboat at the September 1977 Southampton Boat Show.

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Original Folkboat Brochure Varne Folkboats 1977
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Panache FB602
Varne Folkboat Panache, sailing in the Clyde, from Adam Norman (click for higher resolution)