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Varne 27 / 850 Specs

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Varne 27 Specifications:

  Imperial Metric
Hull Measurement
LOA 27'9" 8.45m
LWL 21'0" 6.4m
Beam 9'0" 2.7m
Draft (Lead) 4'3" 1.3m
Draft (Iron) 5'6" 1.7m
Draft (Bilge) 3'6" 1.06m
Draft (Centreboard up / down) 3'3"/6'0" 1.0m/1.8m
Displacement 6200lbs 2812kg
Ballast 2595lbs 1177kg
Sail Area    
Main 143ft2 13.93m2
Light Genoa 285ft2 25.36m2
No.1 Genoa 219ft2 20.34m2
No.1 Jib 161ft2 14.96m2
No.2 Jib 120ft2 11.15m2
Storm Jib 53ft2 4.92m2
Measured Sail Area    
100% Foretriangle 194.6ft2 18.08m2
Mainsail 149.2ft2 13.86m2
Total 343.8ft2 31.94m2
RORC Class V rating 18.7ft    
Headroom 5'10" 1.78
Original Engine Farymann A30M 12hp twin diesel
Rig measurements pin to pin (may not be standard)
Backstay Upper Span 8550
Backstay Lower Spans 3090
Cap Shrouds 10580
Aft Lowers 5720
For'd Lowers 5670
Other (sail / rig) dimensions  
I,J,P,E (click for an explanation) I=9.76 J=3.36 P=8.54 E=2.75

Specifications are determined to the best of our knowledge and may vary.
For example, Boats with iron keels may be deeper draft (1.6m+).
We cannot be held accountable for any errors or inaccuracies.

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Varne ish by Powell

O'Sea Mist Frogmore Creek
O'Sea Mist - Frogmore Creek
Salcombe 2008 (click for more)


Varne 850 Specification
Click the image to see the 1977 Varne 850 Specifications & Price list (members)

Proposed Class Insignia (Varne 27 / 850 & Weston 8500)
The early class insignia is shown below, as used on the early Varnes. It's similar to the logo on the 'Lighthouse' magazine and appears as two red isosceles triangles, laid horizontally with 'heads' touching, representing two beams of light from a lighthouse. In 2012, we proposed that the class motif is resurrected.. awaiting results of a poll from members.

Varne Insignia Varne
Varne Insignia Brochure


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Weston 8500 Varne
Weston 8500 - exploded view, from Mojo
(high resolution available to members)