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Members' Boats and Images of Other Varnes

Updated Feb 2015
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4 Winds ('84)

Aeolus (prev. Friga '84?)
Alcyone Varne


Apopantos ('83)

A 'Sienn Eun (Singing Bird)

Barny (Junk Rigged - 1999 ! )

Blue Fin ('79)

Blythe Avocet ('75)

Le Braconnier ('79)

Branta ('79/80)
Varne ByAccident
By Accident

Calisto ('78)

Catnap ('86)

Chance(Folkboat) ('79/80)

Cherokee ('76)
(Red Hull - Debbage, Ipswich)

De Antares ('78)

Dreamy of Guernsey ('76)

Elka ('75)


Energichka ('77)


Gibbon (Folkboat)

Hobo (prv. Heavarne) ('82)

Hilarion ('84 - 5'8" draft)
Varne Joker

('79) in Belgium


KnotYoursX ('76)
Yacht Koalagirl
Koalagirl ('89)
Krugerrand Varne 27 Varne 850
Krugerrand ('80)

Lurcher ('78)

Lotus Eater ('84 W.8500)

...Awaiting picture
Madryn ('77)

Mischief ('77)

Mistique ('83)

Mojo ('86)

Molly (Belgium)

...Awaiting picture
Oh de Pain (Bermuda)

O'sea Mist

Pambri ('77, launch in '84)

Petrel (prev. Rattlesnake,
prev ? when crossed Atltc
to Fort Lauderdale)

...Awaiting picture
Pilgrim (East Coast)

Raesdonder ('78)

Rodnigon ('77)

Sandra May ('87)
prev:Charisma / orig:Kata

Sandstorm ('84)
Saronje II
Saroanje II
at '77 Boat Show
Silvarne ('79)

Towermaid ('76)

Unknown (Netherlands)

Overtime (Nrlands) ('78)

...Awaiting picture
Vanity of Woodbridge('79)

Varne I ('74)

Varne Deux ('76)

Vega ('80)

Wild Venture
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Total known Varne/Weston 27/850s: 55 (of possibly 56 Varne & 25 Weston)
Total known Varne Folkboats: 18 (of possibly 53)
Please help if you can provide images or details of name / ownership

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Varne Folkboats

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image from E.Daniels - FB551 http://www.edaniels.freeserve.co.uk/irishseafolkbo/Boats/gibbon.htm